Optimize your Eyecare Practice with Eyetechs

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Unleash your clinic's full potential with Eyetechs Mastery: The Future of Ophthalmology and Optometry. Eyetechs Mastery is our comprehensive package of resources, training videos, and more. Increase patient volume, reduce wait times, and enhance patient care with Eyetechs comprehensive course and resource bundle!

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Optimizing your eyecare practice with Eyetechs

Comprehensive Resources for your Eye Practice

Experience unmatched training resources tailored to your unique practice needs

A-Z Technician Training Program


Train your techs in six weeks with the Eyetechs training program. It includes step-by-step instructions and much more.

Suggested Triage Guidelines (One per tech)

$25 or $125 +Free Shipping

The Suggested Triage Guidelines is a spiral-bound set of flow sheets that is meant to be used to train new call center or reception staff to successfully triage the patient calling with a problem.

Suggested History Questions (6-pack)

$20 or $99 +Free Shipping

Every tech should have their own copy of the suggested history questions, so the Detailed History of Present Illness (HPI) is relevant to the Chief Complaint (CC).

Eye Medication Cap Colors


This reference guide includes the color of the cap, the classification of the drug and the brand and generic names of the drugs. Easy to use for technicians and patients that only know the cap colors of their medications.

Sample Ophthalmic Technician Job Description


This is a great starting point when creating or editing job descriptions. Suggestions are included to personalize it to the needs of your practice.

Phone Consultation


Contact us to schedule a time to discuss your training or efficiency needs. They often go hand-in-hand: When techs can think critically and perform according to industry standards, wait times are reduced and patient satisfaction improves.

Available Trainings

Optimizing your eyecare practice with Eyetechs

Eyetechs Mastery


Eyetechs Mastery combines an array of essential resources into one comprehensive package, designed to propel your practice to the forefront of eyecare.