Reducing Wait Times and Optimizing Patient Flow with the 4 S’s

In Episode 35 of the Ophthalmology Business Podcast, industry expert Jane Shuman, President and Founder of Eyetechs, Inc., joins host Naren Arulrajah to unveil one of her unique strategies. This episode packs a detailed guide to Jane’s innovative and groundbreaking 4S strategy, a toolkit designed to increase the efficiency and success of your practice.

  • 00:01:09 – Jane shares her background and how she got started in ophthalmology
  • 00:05:51 – Why reducing wait times is important?
  • Wait times are the number one reason for discontent and patient dissatisfaction
  • Patient wait times and dissatisfaction often stem from lengthy office processes, not just the time spent waiting to see the doctor
  • Duplicated or excessive check-in forms contribute to prolonged wait times
  • Jane shares some strategies to eliminate redundancies, save time, and improve overall efficiency
  • 00:10:46 – What are the four S’s, and how does it impact patient flow?
  • It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. If you have a piece of the puzzle missing, it won’t be complete
  • 00:12:57 – Examples for each one of the S’s
  • Importance of cross-training
  • Workup protocols to reduce wait times
  • 00:16:37 – What’s the best way to evaluate the space that is working efficiently?
  • 00:17:30 – Is there a perfect scheduling template?
  • Pro tip: The number of patients scheduled should not exceed what the doctor can comfortably see within 60 minutes
  • 00:19:54 – How to determine the necessary efficiency in an ophthalmology practice?
  • Focus on addressing the low-hanging fruit first when implementing changes to improve efficiency.
  • Prioritize optimizing the check-in process, as it can lead to quick improvements
  • Encourage staff to contribute their ideas for improvements within the clinic actively