Eyetechs Mastery: Your Path to Success

Tackling wait times, patient volume, and technician shortages?

Discover an all-inclusive solution for your eyecare practice’s needs. Our focus on individual practice needs, combined with an emphasis on critical thinking, sets Eyetechs Mastery apart. Future-proof your practice with us.

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Custom Training

Tailored programs to fit your clinic's unique needs.

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Develop critical-thinking technicians for effective problem-solving.

lifetime access

Lifetime Access

Enjoy unlimited access to a library of ongoing courses.

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Expert Community

Join a network of like-minded eye-care professionals.

The Full Package:

Eyetechs Mastery combines an array of essential resources into one comprehensive package, designed to propel your practice to the forefront of eyecare.

Technician Training Program

Technician Training Program

Elevate your technicians' skills with our downloadable program.

Video Training Library

Video Training Library

Access our ever-expanding collection of instructional videos.

Scribe Training

Scribe Training

Talk to us about customizing a training program for your scribes.

Eye Medication Cap Colors

Eye Medication Cap Colors

Understand essential cap colors for eye medications.

Sample Ophthalmic Technician Job Description

Sample Ophthalmic Technician Job Description

Use our standard job description as a benchmark for your recruitment.

Phone Consultation

Phone Consultation

Get expert advice during a complimentary phone consultation.

Embark on Your Mastery Journey Today

$997 One-time payment

Lifetime access to the Eyetechs online community

Unlimited access to an ever-expanding video training library

Free phone consultation to understand and address your specific needs

Copy of "Eye Medication Cap Colors" for easy reference

Regularly scheduled coaching calls with industry expert, Brenea Facchini

"Sample Technician Job Description" to streamline your recruitment process

Customizable "Suggested Triage Guidelines" for clinical decision-making

Comprehensive "History Taking Questions" for efficient patient history collection

Downloadable Technician Training Program to train your technicians effectively

Mastery Journey computer Doctor

Added Value for Your Practice's Success

Added Value for Your Practice's Success



Beyond our core program, enjoy additional resources including triage guidelines, history-taking questions, and our technician training program at no extra cost.

Common Questions about Eyetechs Mastery

The methods demonstrated in Eyetechs Mastery class videos are considered to be the best practices in the field of ophthalmology, but they do not replace your provider’s methodology.

With over 50 years of combined experience, the experts at Eyetechs have worked with practices all over the country, training and educating their technicians at multiple levels.  Many have become certified and leaders in their own practices. 

Yes, you will schedule coaching calls with experts in the industry.

Yes, we do demonstrate how to read single vision lenses, astigmatism and near add on a manual lensometer inboth plus and minus cylinder. Stay tuned for future videos on prism!

Yes, we go over what the Jackson Cross function and how to use it while refracting. This is faster and far more accurate than spinning the dials.

Yes, we go demonstrate how to check for direct and consensual response as well as RAPD’s.

Yes, we go over how to properly preform the cover test and alternate cover test as well as extra ocular motility. 

Questions not answered here? Feel free to contact us!

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